Texan & Barbecue

Barbecue is a Texas cuisine having characteristics which uniquely distinguish it.

Unlike other forms of cooking using pork or other meats, barbecue is beef. Beef brisket (slowly cooked in smoke in a wood fired “pit”) is the most common barbecue. Other meats, particularly smoked sausage and pork or beef ribs often accompany barbecue. Techniques and flavors associated with barbecue in Texas show influences of European immigrants, especially Czech and German, as well as Mexican cuisines. Barbecue has inspired many styles of cooking other meats in wood smoke throughout the US and the world often calling themselves barbecue.

Barbecue in Texas is most commonly served with white bread, spicy sauces, pickles, sliced onion, and jalapeños; sides include pinto beans, potato or rice salad, and cabbage slaw.